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Brian Woodham
Auburn Villager

The passage of two

bills he sponsored in the most recent regular session stands out for

state Sen. Tom Whatley, who represents Senate District 27, which

includes Lee County. 

He said he was

proud of an autism insurance reform bill that requires insurers to cover

autism therapies, such as Applied Behavior Anaysis therapy, or ABA.

Alabama was one of five states that did not require coverage for such

therapies before the bill's passage. 

"This ABA therapy will allow the

child to come out and interact with the parents in ways they haven’t

before," said Whatley, who added that providing the therapy would

benefit not only the child but society as a whole. "This puts the child

possibly in the workforce, making sure they can interact with their

parents and have a good life."

Whatley said the annual cost of the mandate will be about $9 million.